Proxxon Micro Cutter MIC

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Proxxon Micro Cutter Mic (28650)
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Replacement Cutter Blade (28652)
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Proxxon Micro Cutter MIC


Key Features
Cuts most materials up to 4mm very easily
Powerful DC motor gives a high cutting perfromance
Slim, light and fits into the hand for great control
Easily makes cut-outs and curves
Makes modelling complex shapes much easier

Power: 30W (230V)


This extremely handy tool will effortlessly and cleanly cut most materials (not metals) up to 4mm thick. The powerful DC motor in this compact tool ensures a very high cutting performance. At just 36mm in diameter making the ergonomically shaped casing easy to hold and is easy to guide accurately. The blade is protected by a fold up guard and the design allows you to make cut-outs very easily. If you use wood, plastics, GRP, card, foil or other materials then this cutter will make your task so much easier.